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This declaration form you may use the form again. If you are returning to Canada with different firearms you may still use the declaration form however please obtain and complete a new copy of the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration - Continuation Sheet RCMP GRC 5590 / CAFC 910 to declare the firearms you wish to import. 5. Please complete a copy of the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration and if required the Non-Resident Firearm Declaration - Continuation Sheet and provide them both...
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Please complete a copy of the declaration and return to FCC. 6. All other information on this form must be submitted to Provincial Chief Firearms Officers (Pies) in each province and territory where the firearm was purchased. You can find a list of Provincial Chief Firearm Officers in Canada and the United States at:. For more information about obtaining a PFE, see the following: Ontario: Nova Scotia: PEI: Manitoba: Saskatchewan: — Us/PR/pr/about-us.asp Alberta: — Us/PR/pr/annual-pr.asp British Columbia: Yukon: Nunavut: For more information about obtaining a Provincial Chief Firearms Officer call in Canada outside Canada and the USA. PROPERTY OWNERSHIP: 1 The firearm referred to on the declaration is your property, and you have the sole right to dispose of it or keep or cause to be kept it. 2 You have the right to possess, display, use and enjoy the lawful possession and use by you of and in respect of your property as your regular habitation. 3.

Who needs a Form RCMP GRC 5589e?

Form RCMP GRC 5589e is a firearm declaration for the non-residents in Canada. You have to fill in this form at the Canada Border Services Agency office after your arrival in Canada if you are carrying a non-restricted or a restricted firearm. In case you are returning to Canada with the same piece of weaponry you had registered before, you may use this form again. However, you must ask for a continuation sheet and complete it if you are carrying a different firearm.

What is a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration for?

This type of firearm declaration is requested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and serves as a temporary firearms license and registration for 60 days after approval. If you are staying in Canada for more than 60 days, you have to apply to the Canada Firearms Center and ask to be transferred to the Chief Firearms Officer of your province.

Is Form RCMP GRC 5589e accompanied by other forms?

You must fill in two copies of Non-Resident Firearm Declaration and, if needed, two copies of Continuation Sheets. In case you are carrying a restricted firearm, you should print your Authorization to Transport (ATT) number and its expiration date.

When is Form RCMP GRC 5589e due?

Once you have completed the form upon entry to Canada, it is valid for 60 days.

How do I fill out a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration?

First, give your personal information: your name, residence address (if you stay in Canada for less than 60 days) or address in Canada (for a longer period). Choose a reason for bringing a gun to Canada from the box below or specify your own. Give details about your firearm including how many pieces of weaponry you are carrying and their destination. Include the type of firearm, its make, serial number, gauge/caliber, barrel length, and action. Add the ATT number and its expiration date if the firearm is restricted. Give the same data about every firearm you wish to import. Do not fill the lower shaded part of the document -- it is for the customs officer.

Where do I send a Non-Resident Firearm Declaration?

You have to complete this form after your arrival in Canada at the Canada Border Services Agency office.

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